Waterfalls and Natural Parks

       Düden Waterfall: The waterfall which is one of the natural beauties that symbolizes the city is located approximately 10 km northeast of Antalya city centre. It falls down from a height of 20 metres. The main source of the stream is in Kırkgöz area. However lower part of Düden Waterfall is on the road to Lara Beach. It is on the southeast of city centre and floods from 40 metre high cliffs. It is one of the natural beauties that symbolize Antalya.
        Kurşunlu Waterfall: It is on 7th km after the turning point to Isparta road which is on the 24th km of Alanya road on the east of city centre. This wonder of nature is one of the most frequently visited places as well. The waterfall is place like a dreamland. It is inside of the deep green valley. The whole place of the waterfall can be seen approximately in half an hour. There are plenty of fishes in the water which forms 12px lakes in some places. It also attracts attentions with its rich fauna.
Manavgat Waterfall: If you travel 5 km from Side toward Alanya and turn north and go another 4 km you will come to Manavgat Waterfall. Here you can have your lunch or just have some tea or cold beer in the coolness of the place. You can taste very tasty trout caught right here in this river.
         Düden, Kurşunlu and Manavgat waterfalls were used while shooting many Turkish movies. All can be reached easily by bus. Karaalioğlu Park: Although a few other parks have been built recently in the western part of Antalya and landscaped nicely, this particular park always kept its charm. Here is the “Tree of Lovers” leaning toward the sea who knows how many lovers met here and how many of them jumped to their death for their unreturned love. There are three large viewpoints in this 70,000sq.m park from which you can watch magnificent Bey Mountains and Konyaaltı Beach.